Helical Gear

We are manufacturers and suppliers of Helical Gear. Helical Gears for industrial applications are manufactured to good quality standard & recommendations. We also manufacture gears as per customers' requirement and specifications and also provide designing facilities for gears.

These Include Our Standard Range Helical Gears, Shaft Mounted Gear and Also Customised Gear Assemblies.

We manufacture helical gears, which connect parallel shafts, but the involute teeth are cut at an angle to the axis of rotation. Two mating helical gears must have equal helix angle but opposite hand. They run smoother and more quietly. They have higher load capacity, are more expensive to manufacture and create axial thrust. Helical gears can be used to mesh two shafts that are parallel and can also be used in a crossed gear mesh connecting two perpendicular shafts. They have longer and strong teeth. They can carry heavy load because of the greater surface contact with the teeth. Their efficiency is also reduced because of longer surface contact. The gearing is quieter with less vibration.

These are highly used in transmission because they are quieter even at higher speed and are durable. Used in power tools, Lubricating Oil Pumps, Engines, Transmissions and Geared Motor Drives.