At Pragati Transmission,

Innovation and evolution is the foundation of the development process.

A professionally managed Gear Manufacturing company, Pragati Transmission is a recogonised manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Precision Gears used in Aerospace, Automobiles, Industrial gearboxes, Power tools, Machine tools and various Industrial applications. The company is acclaimed in the market for the quality and performance of its components that include - Precision Gear, Helical Gear, Gear shafts, Worm Gear, Spiral Bevel Gear and power tool components. Also, the company offers job work facilities on CNC gear grinding, hob sharpening, CNC gear testing among others.

In our quest for excellence, we, at Pragati Transmission, have continuously endeavored day in & day out to manufacture and supply products of the highest performance and service, and our constant effort has earned us a distinct place amongst our clients and associates.

A modern process adopted at pragati in gear manufacturing is skiving of hardened gears.

This is a cost-effective alternative to gear grinding. We produce gears up to the DIN6/AGMA10 quality standard by skiving and up to DIN4/AGMA12 by Gear Grinding.


Every company has to be innovative and customer-centric, without which it's nearly impossible for any company to maintain its position at the top of the ladder in a particular business sphere. With this concept of a competitive market in mind, thanks to our professional team, we're able to make a major investment in manufacturing equipment of world-class quality gears that can be produced in large volumes consistently.

Pragati Transmission's products are manufactured using the latest equipment and technology in a well-equipped plant that adheres to international manufacturing quality standards. Our quality control department assures that all phases of production are in complete compliance with the customer's specifications.